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About Us

My name is Ashley Parrott Stroud and I am the owner of QSI.

My background is in Accounting, however, I have been in the PEO (Profesional Employer Organization) industry since 1997. I worked directly for a PEO for 8 years and I have had my own business as PEO broker since 2005. The reason for my change was to benefit clients to ensure their options were not limited. As a broker I work directly with the client and place them with the PEO that offers the best rates and services based on their industry, needs, and interest.

In 2009 we added Temporary Employment Services to our list of services for local clients in Dalton, GA. We are locally owned & operated and with Service & Safety being a priority; our Temporary Employment business has continued to grow and allowed us the opportunity to expand our services throughout North Georgia and into Chattanooga, TN. We are grateful to be blessed with a fantastic group of clients as well as employees & look forward to more growth opportunities & benefits for our existing & new clients/employees in the very near future!!!

At QSI we have a passion for what we do and we are dedicated to supplying our clients needs and standing behind their ideas through service, savings, & dependability.

Our goal is to save clients time & money, and reduce employer liability & responsibility, which will allow them to reallocate unprofitable time spent on payroll, employee benefits and personnel related tasks in order to focus on making their business more profitable!


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